Gourmet Cupcakes

You HAVE to try all 12 of them!!

VRDVANILLA RASPBERRY DELIGHT– A bourbon Madagascan vanilla flavored cupcake that is both a simple and elegant treat that will leave your taste buds satisfied. This vanilla cupcake is filled and iced with raspberry buttercream, and adorned with a fresh raspberry and handmade chocolate mint leaf.


SLESTRAWBERRY LEMON EXPLOSION– An incredible sweet and tart treat this cupcake is both lemon and strawberry cake marbled together to create an explosion of flavor in your mouth. This cupcake is filled with lemon and is iced in strawberry buttercream, with a sugared lemon and rainbow jimmies on top.


  CRDCHOCO RAZZLE DAZZLE– Dark chocolate and sweet raspberry come together to satisfy your deepest chocolate cravings. This chocolaty cupcake is filled with a blackberry fudge compote and is iced with a light chocolate buttercream and adorned with a fresh blackberry, chocolate jimmies, and a handmade Andes mint leaf.


  5O'C5 O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE– No need to wait for happy-hour to enjoy this non-alcoholic treat.  Our best-selling gourmet cupcake will bring a smile to your day!  The cake is a marbled raspberry and lime margarita with a tequila buttercream filling.  Airbrushed colors of the sunset, rock sugar, a lime slice, and an umbrella complete the look. One bite and it’s 5 O’Clock!


CLDCOFFEE LOVERS DREAM– Get your fix with this amaretto and mocha marbled cupcake.  The filling is an espresso buttercream and is topped with a Mocha buttercream icing.  But we’re not done.  The cupcake is then drizzled with fudge and caramel and adorned with a chocolate covered coffee bean.


S'MoreS’MORE– A cupcake S’more?  Absolutely!  Start with our classic german chocolate cake, fill it with a delectable marshmallow fudge buttercream and then ice it in a mildly flavored marshmallow buttercream.  This cupcake is then drizzled in fudge, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs, and the look is completed with a Hershey’s square and mini marshmallows on top.  A fun twist on a childhood classic and sure to leave you asking, “Is there S’more?”

ChocoCHOCOLOT– There’s not a movie in existence that can portray the pure love so many feel for chocolate, but this cupcake is sure to satisfy your desires.  We start with a chocolate almond cupcake, fill it with fudge and then ice it with our chocolate buttercream.  Sprinkled with chocolate jimmies, and topped with a chocolate fan, now THAT is Choc-o-lot!

KingTHE KING– Elvis isn’t back but his taste buds sure wish he was with this delicacy. A banana cupcake with peanut buttery buttercream. Topped with more peanut butter buttercream sprinkled with crushed peanuts. Topped off with a chocolate dipped banana chip and of course, the King wouldn’t be a king without a hand piped chocolate crown.

CSNCHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA– Champagne and strawberries, a timeless classic now with that WOW factor in a convenient cupcake size. A marbled Pink Champagne and Amaretto cupcake lovingly filled and iced with strawberry buttercream. To finish everything off, it’s drizzled in a divine strawberry glaze, sprinkled with a little edible pearls and then topped with sparkly a hand-made white chocolate star.

choc cherry lavaCHOCOLATE CHERRY LAVA– This sumptious delight is a dark chocolate cake, filled with cayenne infused cherries, and topped with a cool cherry buttercream, more hot cherries and chocolate jimmies. It’s got enough heat to say “Spicy!” but not enough to burn your tongue!


Big TopTHE BIG TOP– A fun party made with  Lemon and Sweet Potato Funfetti cake (Yes, we found out the secret animal cracker flavor!)and a vanilla buttercream filling and icing topped with sprinkles and an animal cracker. It’s every child’s dream!


Sunday MorningSUNDAY MORNING– Wakey Wakey! This is a butter pecan cake filled and iced in a maple buttercream with a maple drizzle and then topped with BACON! It’s just like pancakes, syrup and Bacon! A perfect Sunday Morning!